Help With Headlights..

Sup everybody, I had my alarm installed a while back and later that night my headlights started acting up. I would go to turn them on, and they wouldn’t come on or wouldn’t stay on. Now, they don’t come on at all. When I try to turn them on, the bright light indicator comes on and everything works fine…except the headlights. I took my car to the guy who installed the alarm, but he swears he had nothing to do with the headlights. He suggested replacing the control switch coming off of the stering column. I’m stumped…Hopefully sombody on here has had this problem…any oppinions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Does your alarm make your parking lights flash when you arm it? If so I think the installer cut or did something that even he doesn’t know about. All I can think is check your fuzes and if thats not the problem then take it to someone else who knows about alarms and wiring and get their opinion.


Yes, my alarm does flash the blinker lights. I asked the installer if there is anyway he could have caused this, but he swears that he only tied into the blinker lights"i didnt touch anything close to the headlights". I am still kinda curious, but he has a good reputation. I have checked all the fuses, I am pretty sure the fuses couldnt have anything to do with it, because they were coming on and going off(the headlights). To me it seems like a short or a bad switch…does anyone here have experience with alarm installs??

are the lights in the gauge cluster working? if they’re coming on with the switch, she is OK… if all the fuses are OK, take a look at the wiring near where the installer connected the alarm…

The dash lights do come on just like they should, everything works like it should…except the headlights. Im going to look at the wiring under the dash and see what I can figure out. Any more sugestions…??


if the dash lights are working, the switch is ok… test to see if there is voltage at the bulbs… are the parking lights coming on with the switch? I’m pretty sure the headlights are driven by a relay somewhere… maybe he’s fried… also, remove the fuses and check is there is power to them when you turn on the switch…

ALarm Problems–

I install car alarms and stereos and i’ve ran into that problem–above you mentioned that the alarm installer tied into the blinker lights wire–well, it shouldn’t be tied into the blinker lights wire, it shouldn’t be tied into to any wires–it should be ran to the fuse box and there is an illumination connection that the wire can be plugged into for a nice, clean look, with no problems–hope this helps–peace:::