? help with oil pan pls.

need help with my oil pan. it’s leaking oil (minor) but I would like to get the gasket replaced. my question is are you supposed to remove the sub frame (correct me if wrong?) thats blocking the oil pan?. once oil pan is removed how is those nuts and bolts supposed to be tightened when reinstalling new gasket with oil pan?. please lmk if i am missing anything else?. thank you

(and yes I tried to search but no go.)

You got the right idea.
You do need to remove the chassis piece that ties together the front and rear crossmembers. If I remember correctly its 3 bolts on each end, nothing difficult.
You may need to remove the exhaust pipe that runs under the pan as well (when I installed my pan It was out of the car so I didn’t have to deal with this potential issue).
When you get the pan out be sure to get the mating surfaces completely clean and make sure the pan is strait. If there is any rust you should sand it down and paint it. Please replace the oil drain plug washer as well.
When you put it back on tighten the bolts in a criss cross pattern to ONLY 9 ft/lbs. Use a torque wrench, it is easy to over tighten and damage the seal.

Good luck!

thanks with the reply. i didn’t know about that exhaust pipe?. i will go ahead and pick up 2 gaskets just in case. also will i need to use some kind of sealant to glue the gasket onto to oil pan?. (hondabond?) thanks!

i always put the thinest layer i can of silicone on both sides of the gasket and ive never had one leak. you do need to apply some on the block side of the gasket though because if you look at the block you’ll notice that its 3 pieces put together.

I just ran across the manual for my aftermarket pan.
It does not mention anything about the exhaust, so it may be possible to leave it in, just be sure to keep it clean. I used rtv on both sides of the gasket. It appears you may need to remove the 2 transmission braces as well. Its easy and quick with only a few bolts and nothing in the way.

Good luck!

You guys are sure i dont have to take the header off? I was looking under there yesterday and it seems like header is in the way, but maybe you can just slide it out somehow, btw my drain nut is stripped bad, i tried using the set of those sockets to take out stripped bolts but they cant get no grip on it, any other tools i would be able to use?

Yes you have to take the exhaust off and Honda says Not to put any gasket sealant on the oil pan gasket

I wrote a TegTip on this. Don’t forget that area! It won’t show up in a search because it’s not on the forums.


It’s under “changing oil pan gasket”

I just had this problem fixed today. I was leaking a bit of oil (could smell it) as it was landing right on the exhaust. Well, after some oil pan cleaning (carb cleaner) I noticed that about 1/2 of the screws that hold the pan were loose (could tight them by hand :shock: )
I decided to by a new oil drain plug & re-tighten all the lugs (instead of buying a new oil pan gasket) and I can prouldly say my teg is oil leak free!!! :up: The best 1hour I have spent under neath the car.

My advise, if your car is leaking from the oil pan, check to see if any of the lugs that hold the pan to the block are loose.

My advise, if your car is leaking from the oil pan, check to see if any of the lugs that hold the pan to the block are loose.[/QUOTE]

Good advice. I had a leak in the oil pan and as you said, there were quite a few bolts which were loose - can be turned by hand. Unfortunately for me, I already bought the oil pan gasket and had taken off the crossmember and exhaust as I was replacing the auto trans. So I just replaced it.
I used Neil’s write-up in the Teg tips, it is comprehensive.