Help with Ractive Fuel Pressure Regulator..

Anyone have the Ractive fuel pressure regulator?..

i installed yesterday but the engine sounds like old car…

the gauge show 75 psi , and when i move the bolt the needle doesn’t move…

i need help with this, any info will be aprecciate so much…some instructions, manual, guide… etc

thank you guys

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anyone have the Ractive FPR???

are you sure your turning the right thing?? also did you make sure the holes line up correctly?

You really should get rid of that regulator. It is a very important piece of your fuel system. The diaphrams in those “knock-off” regulators are usually not very good. I have even seen the AEM one’s fail which leaned the motor out and detonated the engine.
Aromotive makes a really good regulator. Even the hack B&M one would be better. My .02cents.