Help with stain on paint...

So i go and wash my car today after seeing some bird droppings on it. After all is washed and dried where the bird crap was I see a stain. I guess the acid got into the paint or w/e. Anyway i tried claybar, and a few other things but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this out?

High speed buffer working your way through all the pads and different waxs. If that doesnt work wet sand it. I guess you know now not to leave bird shit on your car. Stop at a gas station and buy A bottle of water and use the paper towels they provide to get it off. Fucking birds. I had just cleaned my detailed my car and went to mall the other day. Came outside and looked like a bird a did a high speed ass wipe on the roof of car. Another time a bird shit on the roof and then it started to mist not like 3 mins later and after doing 80 on the freeway, my car looked like it had a white and purple colored pin stripe starting the top of the windshield all the way to the trunk. Bastards.:mad:

Bugs will do the same thing:whisper: