Help with Tein coilover install w/out brake line bracket

I just installed some Tein coilovers. The brake line bracket from the OEM shocks doesn’t fit quite right on the Teins, it prevents the shock from seating in the fork completely so I can’t put the bolt through. I read on here that other people just didn’t use the bracket and zip tied the lines instead. Works for me, However I’m not sure what they did exactly here…

If i let the shock drop completely into the fork, the mounting bolt won’t fit through (because the indentation for the bolt is too low). But if i move the shock up a bit to get the bolt through, then the shock isn’t really resting on the fork. It seems like this is alot of wight resting on that little bolt and indentation on he shock…I’m concerend it’s gonna “slip” through and drop down that extra inch or so. Long term, I plan on cutting the bracket down to fit, but I don’t have the tools to do that right now.

Here’s a pic of how I’ve got it now (yeah crappy phone pic):

You can see that there’s a gap between the top of the fork and the “step” on the shock.

So…what should I do? install without the bolt or without the “step” resting on the fork? If it’s better without the bolt then I guess i might as well put the brackets on and do it that way boltless.

Sorry, that got a little long…jsut wanted to make sure i explained fully. Thanks for the help!

Youdid not line the back up right. There is a slot you need to line up. Look and you will see.

What slot do you speak of?

There is a slot on the fork for the little tab on the brake bracket to drop into, but I’m not using that bracket.

Then there’s a slot (or indention) on the shock. That is lined up and the bolt on the fork is running through that slot

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ill show you what hes talking about later wheni see you DT. :slight_smile:

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I’m a little lopsided now…ran out of light yesterday after i put the front ones on and couldn’t quite get the front/rear even. Trying to get out of work now so I can get the rear done before we meet up.

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I thought I’d post up here for anyone else searching…

I spoke with someone who has had their Teins installed this way for quite a while without problems.

The reason I was unsure is because the shocks don’t actually rest on the fork, there’s a 1-2" gap as seen in the picture. They’re supported by the bolt that runs through the fork. There’s an indention in the shock for this bolt that you can’t see in the pic, but it’s quite small and doesn’t make much contact with the bolt. I was concerned that it might be able to slip past the bolt and drop down another 1-2".

I’ll still feel safer once I get the bracket cut to fit on there. But it would seem that it’s not a problem to run without it it using only the one bolt.

you shouldn’t have a problem like that. my koni’s are pretty much like that to and so are stock shocks.

You will be perfectly fine running the shock with the bolt lined up in the groove. I installed a set of BASICS in april and havent had any problem since. Whatever you do, do not try to push the shock all the way to the bottom, then try tightening up that bolt, I initially thought that was how it went and ended up stripping the threads on my fork.