Help with transmission problem

I am having a problem on my 92 manual trans. Car has 217k mils on it. This only usually happens after I start my car and drive it at first but after driving for a while it stops. When accelerating no mater what gear or speed but between 2500-3500 RPM’s (usually) I get a hesitation while accelerating that is in the transmission. If I push the clutch in and let it back out sometimes it goes away or it will continue to do it again. There motor RPM’s will increase slowly if I push down on the gas but its like the trans does not want to speed up. After a while of pushing in the clutch and releasing the clutch it stops and I can drive like normal. Any ideas would be helpful and I will try to answer any questions the best I can. Thanks in advanced for any help.

somewhat sounds like the clutch is starting to slip

Well it only usually does it when I first drive after starting the car. I can drive hard on the clutch after the problem “goes away” and it has no sign of slipping.

Anyone have ANY idea what this could be? It more like a resistance when it happens then anything. I know for a fact it not the clutch slipping.

Can you put our minds at ease; when was the clutch done/how much mileage on the clutch you have?

I had the same thing on my Hyundai Elantra. Slipped in only cetain gear ( I think 3rd when getting on the highway for example), but later on it was fine. Some days it was not doing it. Then it got to the point that it did it every time in that gear, and then in fourth. That was a clear sign it was the clutch going.

No idea but the car has 219k on it and no idea if it was change before I got the car like 5 years ago. I really don’t know how to explain the problem. I drove a car with the clutch starting to slip and that one did not feel anything like this.

just because it didn’t feel the same does not mean its the same problem, and the clutch may warm up and grab a little better after driving it awhile, if you haven’t replaced the clutch since you bought the car 5 years ago chances are your clutch is beat, just my opinion tho.

I will talk to my mechanic friend and see what he says. Just hard for him to test it out once I get to his place since the car is all warmed up and not acting up. Hopefully its the clutch but I will have to wait and see I guess.

yeah I first started noticing my clutch issue in the winter when first driving and went away after driving for a while. In the spring and early summer I hardly felt it, and then it came back permenantly in the following winter.

How many miles did you put on the car yourself in the past 5 years?

Somewhere between 40-60k not sure what was on it when I got it.

so when this is happening, do the rpm rise, but car speed doesn’t?

They rise but VERY VERY slowly… When it happens it feels like the trans is working against the car with resistance and not slipping…

hmmm. you sure it’s related to the transmission?

Yes I am 100% sure…

if i had to guess, i’d say it sounds like a bearing related issue.
maybe the pilot bearing is seizing. any noise?

I did make a noise you could hear from inside or outside the car before when I let the clutch pedal out in neutral. But now it only really makes it when in gear while accelerating. You could hear the noise go away when you push the clutch in like it was slowing down then would stop.

usually if the noise ceases when the clutch is depressed, it’s the throwout bearing. either way, it sounds like the tranny needs to be pulled to find the culprit

hey phantisy. i have the same problem. i think the clutch is going. i am getting the clutch done this weekend. my friend is a mechanic @ dynamic performance in raritan, new jersey. i will let you know after saturday if its the clutch. i have 131k on my car. i am the second owner. i dont race my car. its a daily driver. but i also think it could be the master cyclinder for the clutch. idk till saturday. will keep you posted

needed a clutch and flywheel. all warped. dont be cheap. get it done right.

Thanks for the info. I actually have a stage 1 clutch and a 12.8 lb flywheel and a ys1 gsr tranny to go in my project car. I will make mine last hopefully long enough for that to be done lol