help with upgrading fuel pump

ok, i just bought a ‘90 DA GS loaded and all it needs is a fuel pump, i figure since i’m gonna drop the tank why not upgrade for the future turbo i want to set up once i get a chance to rebuild my spare b18a. what kind of pump would be a nice mix between inexpensive and quality. and what about a fuel rail and regulator. what would be the best to add to this setup. the whole car was fully STOCK when i bought it but i have already swaped an sri and full 2.5’’ exhaust with egay headers.

just get the walboro 255

ok, what is the best place to get one, and what about the regulator? the mechanic i went to for a quote (no time between work, school, and sleep to drop the tank myself) said that a new higher pressure pump might blow the stock regulator. and i figured if i had to replace the regulator why not get a new fuel rail with it to pull the whole fuel system together. so whats a good regulator and rail that wont cost to much but wont leak and blow my car up?

i think the stock regulator would be fine im not sure on what aftermarket rail to get and the only fuel regulator i like is AEM’s its the easiest to use but its expensive blox recently came out with one for use its gotton decent reviews and its cheaper

yes get a walbro 255 for future upgrades. very nice high output pump.

now, the stock regulator will not be enough. it used to control a low output fuel pump. it won’t be able to get the base pressure low enough. even the b&m fpr is sometimes unable to keep base pressure low enough. i’d suggest at the very least a aftermarket fuel rail fpr. now if u wanna go all out and be able to control fuel pressure at any psi i would go with a firewall mounted unit like an aeromotive fpr or even a less expensive professional products fpr

what about this:

would i be able to keep my stock fuel rail for now and get an aftermarket one later. i was looking at one of those obx fuel rails like this one:

the stock fuel rail is good till around 400-500hp. so unless your going to be running that amount of power, the only thing you’ll get from it is the bling factor.