Help with valve adjustment

In the teg tips, it says 90-91’s should have a .006-.007 gap for intake, and the 92-93 should have a .003-.005 gap for intake,
just wondering if that was right, or if it’s just for certain models. My book just says 90-93 have a .006-.007 for intake, is the info right, and if it is where did it come from?



Post by XDep (4th down the page?) has the correct valve clearances…


006-.007 gap for intake, this is correct. adjust it using the .006 feeler gauge, slide in .007, it should have a rough drag, .008 shoud not be able to fit into the .006 adjustment but .007 should roughly fit. pretty much, use .006, try .007, rough drag, .008 should not fit, then your valves are good to go.

The specs on the teg tips are right and they came from the helms manual (official acura service manual).

Every b-series valve lash is .006-.007 intake and .007-.008 exhaust except for the 92-93 LS which are .003-.005 intake and .006-.008 exhaust.


thanks a lot

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