Well Im back in the US. Japan sucked for the past oooooo 8 months. Nice cars but a bad time. Any how. I got back in my teg and this last weekend I put in the CAI and replaced all the vacuume lines with new red ones (thinking of changing my name handle to 1REDTEG, same as my plates). I have my coilovers but I have no fricking clue how to do them. I also put in a new Power Antenna, the old one would not go down or up all the way and sounded like my car was going to explode. Any one tell me what I need for tools… anything special? I wanted to have them on this week so I could drive it around to get rid of the “new bounce”. Im driving back to So Cali this weekend for leave. Well driving from yuma to orange sucks if you have a car that bounces the entire way.(4h drive) :frowning: thanks

The front are pretty easy, just a few bolts. Remember to take that upside down u shaped thing off of the bottom of the shock.(I don’t know what the technical name for it is.) The back looks much easier, but you must have a coilspring compressor or those won’t come out. I did mine this past week and it took about four hours. Hope that helps