Guys, please do not wine being in a wrong section, I really need some help. Hear me out.

here is the story. I live in Germany, where it is impossible to find 2G tegs. There are 2, bot of them mine, and then couple military base fellows, who lare stationed few hundred miles away.

So, no junkyards for teg parts. Germany is not a paradise for 2 gen tegs. It is a paradise for type R though. There is plenty 98 99, euro version with recaro seats, asking price starts 11495 euros, so dollars now, and up to 15k. Great deals, especially when honda is not very popular in Europe (for 15K one can get 99 BMW 3 series, and most germans are crazy about those).

Anyway, I am planing a vacation in LA last week in August, and wonder if there are any good junk yards in the area so I can go throgh cheking for parts for my beloved 2G tegs.

Please list, or email me with addresses and phone numbers of those junk yards that have tegs. I will be staying in Dana Point, CA 92629. All you help is appreciated.