Wassup Everyone,

I need your help on this. I do understand that there are many threads about “Car Won’t Start” issues, but my car doesn’t start only when I have been driving for awhile and shut the car off. For instance, if I shut the car off after like an hour of driving…when I try to start the car again, it will crank and run for a minute then it will shut off. Now if I wait like 5 minutes or when the car has cooled down…it will crank fine. Can you tell me what could be the problem. I have gave my car a tune-up and it still is doing this. I do know that I have to replace the AC condensor, because mine is smashed a little. I’m not sure if this plays a part or not.

Can you tell me what the problem is. It is very embarrasing, especially when my car is hooked up and then it won’t start up again until I wait a few minutes.