Helping others with ect problems

So if you had the same issue i had with my 92 integra ls where the car would run fine at cold start but once it warms up than the car starts to spudder or misfire its one of two scenarios i found for my case . Always put a screwdriver(long one) an hold it against the fuel injector to your ear an listen for a clicking. If all 4 are clicking than not your injectors . Try a new ect (coolant temp sensor) on the side of the head . Sometimes that causes that to spudder when it dont know when its hot or cold. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN INSTALLING THE NEW ONE BECAUSE THEY DO BREAK EASY. My case was fuel. Someone put rough gas through the car before i owned it , so i drained it an put some injector cleaner (Berryman from oreilys) with some good gas an boom works just fine. Hope this helps the next guy who had the same issue i had.

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