helppp..... a lil trouble

ok i have a few probs…

-first… in the morning when i go to start my car, i have to turn the key and sometimes wit up to 10+ seconds just to get the starter to finally move, then sometimes you put the key in and go… no prob??

as if that wasnt confusing enough… on occasion it will be warm outside and the car will turn over but no start?? then you wait a while and hey it likes me again… strts right up…

-then just today i had just shut off my car, and went to restart it, and it just craked over with no start, then as it was cranking the s3 light on the dash was flashing… about 5-10 min. later i went out and it started right up…

sorry for the long post… i hope you can help…
i shoul be at the doheny meeting to show off my new projector 1 piece headlights

It sounds like the infamous “main fuel relay” problem. Where it won’t start but you wait 20 minutes and then it will. I’d check that out.

more help please

but also… in the morning when cold, i turn the key and the starter does nothing for up to 10 + secs… whats that about???:frowning:


that starter thing happens almost all of the time
but when warm out or just driven not long afo starter works great most of the time, except in the morning and on occasion during the day

Maybe your battery is starting to go bad, and is having trouble sending enough power to the starter.

Try cleaning the electrical contact on the starter.