HELPPPP ... My Teg turned into a Ferrari

Hey guys I don’t know what took me so long to post this but my teg seems to be guzzling gas at an unbelievable rate … try 200 miles per tank on casual city driving. I shift at about 2700 rpm and I don’t redline much so I have no clue what could be going on.

Well one theory is that the rumors are true that slapping on a bodykit, rims and a wing spoiler DOES enable imports to have Super Car characteristics. Okay okay maybe all I got was the gass guzzler part, so please someone shed some light on how the heck do I get back my Honda mileage.

Maybe some info will help weed out the problem. My car was sitting at the bodyshop for a whole ten months till I finally was able to pick her up. During that duration it hardly moved from its spot and became an integral part of the shop’s landscape. Often missed in the few occasions in which it was moved.

I’m suspecting that this prolonged inactive state may have affected the condition of Betty’s mechanicals and I would greatly appreciate any inputs on steps that I should undertake in order to solve this challenge. Since then I’ve tried an oil change and added fuel additives but with no luck.

So once again I turn to my brethrens for assistance. I thank you all in advance …


P.S. I sincerely apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum. Please move this post as you see fit if need be.

I would assume that your o2 sensor is going out, another thing that would seem to cause this is a major tune-up. Those would be the main things to take care of. That would probably help out with the gas mileage. For other ideas… post in the engine help. You will get a better answer there.

yeah, i’d check the O2 sensor out as a potential culprit. I’ve heard thats often the problem when gas mileage goes drastically down the drain.

also, please read the rule about the forum and post your title as something useful and not broad or confusing. This really helps others out in the future when they do searches to try and figure out the answers to their problems. thanks.