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Hello everyone , I just bought a 1992 Integra GS, 5 spd, pwr everything. It has 143,000 miles on the B18a1, it runs like a champ but Im driving it like a new car and that equals trouble, al-ready Im leaking oil from damn near every seal or gasket . The worst is coming from a seal on the left of valve cover wherethe front cam is, can I get this seal from anywhere? Can I change it myself? It 's not the Valve cover gasket, it’s where the vtec would be if it was vtec. It’s like a end cap or something. Also, I need to find out what the real redline is on my car, I know what the tach says but I want to hear it from someone that has done it, I’ve heard it’ll cut at about 7400, any input would be great.

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you will need to honda-bond the cam plug. its a special glue sold at honda dealer.

or read this

did you even bother to

take off the valve cover carefully (circled red) then open the (blue)bolts , pull that metal thing off, then honda bond the plug. dont tight the valve cover too much. read above links for more info
you may need a new valve cover gasket too costs$10

if you have oil leaking - why are you redlining it


if you want an aftermarket one go here:

str cam end seal

i just bought one from here!! but be sure to tell them witch color you want!! i ordered a blue one and recieved a titanium one!!:smiley: