Hey g2ic new guy

Hey everyone My names Cody im 21 and in the next day or 2 ill be getting my first g2 da9 ls for $1500 bone stock! and im super stoked and cant wait to have fun with it! I’ll post pics as soon as i can!

are you new to the modified automotive world?

Welcome! You’ll find a wealth of knowledge here, so be sure to search, search, search! :search:

What sorta track plans do you have? If you plan on doing track days then I highly suggest not modifying your car at all - do any needed maintenance/safety items and just get out there and have fun. The mods list you have planned (specifically the engine work) is overkillx1000. Horsepower doesn’t make you fast around the track, good driving does. You’ll learn more and progress faster if you don’t have lots of power, sticky tires, and all sorts of modifications. Keep it simple and go from there.


i only ask because his intro post is all over the place and doesnt make much sense…

Welcome aboard, Cody.

Thanks!! Sorry for the messy intro…wasnt intentional. but no not new to the modified scene just new to the forum. And i was meaning drag strip by track day. And i guess i got overly excited about being back into integras that i just spilled everything into 1 big blob