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Just turned 16 and Step-Mom handed down the Acura Integra 1993 LS. I have been researching, so far I just want to buy the black widow kit. I am also debating whether to paint the car or not. Its white ext with Blue int. I was thinking orange or platinum or black. I want all suggestions. I plan to earn 3000$ this summer TELL ME WHAT TO GET!

Ps. Audio system is not stock deck is brand new and i also got 4 speakers.


If your more for looks than go… then i suggest some one piece headlights and read about clearing your taillights. Both of these look pretty sweet!! :slight_smile: Maybe get some basic bolt-ons. ( i/e/h) The rest is up to you man, its your car.:wink:

on your color ideas… I think platinum sounds awesome, but then again, it’s your car… Personally, I’d go with electron blue pearl or platinum…

I’d say keep it white for now. If tha paint is good enough for now, let it be. Focus on droppin’ it. Neuspeed springs and Tokico blues ($440 shipped) would be my suggestion, for now. Camber kit would be $120 shipped. U can look at tha teg tips for tha back camber solution.

U already gotta system in there, so that’s a check off tha list. If u got tha time since it’s summer for us (I’m 16, as well), then try to paint tha interior if u don’t like tha blue. Then go to your i/h/e. But if u plan on makin’ your teg a show car down tha road like I will, don’t spend TOO much.

We’re just in high school anyway, so all we want is to have some wheels and look good. Stay away from tha widow kit right now…save that til’ later on. If u put it on and don’t like, it’ll just be a waste. See how u like it dropped in tha state it is in now and go on from there. HOPE this KINDA helps u out.


Sup bro welcome to the club. I noticed you were looking to get the black widow kit for your car? I recently picked up a used full authentic Black Widow kit and found out that it’s probably gonna be too low to get up my driveway without scraping a little. I may be thinking of selling it. I’m in Seattle. Let me know if you are interested. Let’s work something out. Hit me up on my e-mial.