Hey New My Car

Ok now what do I do with my new car Suggestions?

Someone Look?

sell it

give it to me? lol
go through some of the old post and get an idea what you want to do with it. do some research for now while u get a feel of it or see if anythings wrong with it. :slight_smile:

for starters you can take off that old “calvin” sticker hahaha…

looks good though… congradulations.

might wanna do some research on why it only has one exhaust tip though? did someone replace the muffler? might wanna get at least the stock one or an aftermarket cat back sysytem.

and if your gonna keep it parked outside, should think about buying a car cover.

Id start with removing the intake resonator, removing the rear wiper, painting the moldings, clearing out your tails, and getting one pieces.

Oh yeah the calvin sticker has GOT to go.

nice ride. Good job!:smiley:

are those white spots on the hood a bad matching touch-up paint or is that just water droplets?


Oh What the hell is clearing out the tail lights?

Originally posted by Spas-Aj
Oh What the hell is clearing out the tail lights?

removing the amber from the tails so it doesn’t look so colorful and “unclean”. check the teg tips