hhhhhooooo sound coming from my exhaust?need smart people help to locate problem!

Well resantly I have had this major problem…more like major anoyance! It sounds like a vacum is beuing pased under my car…It comes from the exhaust but the thing is my exhaust has its normall tone nice and low and deep but ontop of that sound it sounds like a vacume sound (the hhhhoooooooo) sound and its driving me nuts! At idle I can hear some small back fires due to runing ritch…dont know why I am (new plugs,wires,cap,and rotor, timing belt and timing all new) Thus I turn to my fellow g2 bretheren for ideas as to what is doing this!

I know its not the p-flow becasue I removed ti and put on the stock intake and still did it thus it must be something else thus here is the set up!

I have a p-flow/ram air
ractive 4-2-1 header
Greddy MX
1991 cat I think this is the problem!

Seing as everything is for a 1992 integ that I have I think that the 1/4" missing from my cat is pulling at my entire exhaust setup and is making me have small air leaks. This would [prob acount for the sound of the exhaust when I let off the gas sounding all muffled like air is going back into the piping. As well I seem to have alot of water and carbon coming out of the exhaust…not sure that water in a greddy mx is what I want to have…is the mx ac safe??? Ne ways please help if you can!

Twin54…frustrated and confused :frowning:

please anyone…I really want some opinions before I go out and buy stuff that arent necesarry! I think its just the cat but I cant be sure…where is the guru and others that know there ish front to back that might be able to help me!

hey bro. i’ll try and take a shot at it. give me a couple of minutes to think it over.

thanks man I know your an exhaust guru and just let me say thank you for all the amazing info you have posted in the past about exhausts and cats! It really helped me out in buying my setup and in enjoying my car and the info was top knotch! I know you did not do the write ups but some times the message is nothing without an amazing messanger to spread it around! Thanks again mike for all the help you have given me and the help that your are trying to give me!

hey thanks for the compliments.

ummm i also think that the cat. might be the problem. if its too short and might be tugging on the whole exhaust system. have you checked for any exhaust leaks or cracks? yea actually i would check for cracks on the header and exhaust system. if the cat is too short and putting alot of pressure on the whole system, the strain might be enough to cause some cracks.

yea i would throughly check for any cracks on the header and exhaust system first. next see if theres any exhaust leaks.

then next, if possible, try to borrow someone’s cat from a 92/93 integra and see if that works. i dont’ see any problem with your exhaust setup. cept for the cat being a bit shorter than a 92/93 one.

well its a theory.

as for the water and carbon coming out of the exhaust. mine does the same thing and i’m running on a stock intake, neuspeed header, and stock exhaust. i think its just condensation building up inside the exhaust and shooting out.

the carbon is most likely from the car running rich.

edit: just a thought, running a stock intake without the resonator might cause a sound like that also.

i don’t know if i was much help or not.