Hi everyone, new here with some questions

Hi everyone my name is Dan and recently pick up my first integra. A 1990 DA with a B18B1. I am in highschool and there are 5 speed bumps short, raised ones. There are three on flats but 2 of them are on a hill. How would you guys tackle these? Also the car is lowered on neuspeed springs. I will be posting pics as my build continues.

Post a picture of your front lip clearance and oil pan clearance (most important lol). Being on springs it may be a little different from us guys who have full-bodied coil-overs. Is your car bouncy? because regardless of how high or low you are, if you hit the bump to fast, you can “bottom out” and hit the ground easliy. Maybe look into buying some better shocks if that occur, or sleeves just for the adjustablity (your springs will eventually cause your shocks to blow anyway so why not?) but if you do have enough money to buy full bodied ones then do so, id recommend that the most. But till then, go slow and take your time on the bumps just know that being honked and cursed at costs less that fixing up a cracked or banged up oil pan. Anyways, be sure to keep us updated! Car looks good btw! Any future plans? i see you have a b1, did you buy it like that?

Always take speed bumps slooooow and crooked!

^^^^ what he said…take it slow and at an angle, with one front tire at a time; also be careful of cars behind you too because if they’re not paying attention especially high schoolers new to driving they may have a chance to rear end you. I’ve seen it before to an evo, smh.

Welcome to having a lowered car!! Good Luck with the build!! :slight_smile:

You want to hit them one tire at a time, BUT you want both wheels on the bump at the same time…if that makes sense.

You want an angle where as soon as one wheel gets to the highest point, the next wheel starts to go up. That way to keep you car highest in the air.

YES, when i hit my brakes corner lights turn on, digital clock dims… why is that?

Thanks everyone! I practiced the bumps today and figured the angles out! This forum is great