HID Headlights and Yellow Fog lights

Whats up guys im new to this forum and had a quick question. Is there any way in getting the HID look and yellow fog look with just bulbs? Are there blue and yellow bulbs out there that wont burn trough the JDM headlights???:hmm:

No one on this forum can help me out???

What do you mean HID-look? If you simply want colored bulbs, yes, plenty of people make them. Password:JDM, Raybrig, etc.

And yes you can get yellow H3 bulbs for the fogs. Just make sure to stay with oem wattage (35w I believe). The 55watt ones get toasty and can melt the housing.

JDM headlights should have yellow ‘capsules’ for the foglights anyway.

You may be new, but you can’t expect to get answers right away. You got to be a little more patient.

I mean HID look by producing the blueish look out your headlights. And ok thanks that helps out alot. The one pieces i bought didnt come with the yellow capsules smh…

And yea spikeymike your right i do need to be a little more patient thanks for da heads up -_-