HID relays?

I have been running with HID’s for awhile now with no relays. I was looking at ebay today and all the kits come with relays. Does this help? Sometimes i have to let the car run for a sec to get enough juice for them. Is this what fixes that? if anyone has some input on this i would appriciate it mucho. also if i do need them where can i get them and what kind?

When you say relays, do you mean the ballasts? They are metallic box shaped curcuits that provide the power to the HID lamps.

No i have the ballast/ignitors and the bulbs but im seeing a relay too. relay like a little black box with prongs on the bottom. anyone use these

Well I would say that if you have occasional problems with your HID lights (ie one side dimmer than the other, or long warm up times) you should prob think about getting a relay. I’m pretty sure the relays are supposed to provide a more stable and constant power source to the Ballasts which in turn give you problem free HID operation. Since the electrical system in our cars are quite old and are not really designed for HID kits relays may be a wise investment.

yes relayed wiring harness helps
if u havent noticed hid takes 3x the power of halogens when starting up
ur stock wires arent made to handle that kinda of power

chances are if u pintch ur stock wires its hard as hell cuz of that
i would highly sugjest you get it
if it cost <20
if its more i would make my own

what kind do i get? like a certain amp or watt or something?

ive searched on the issue and wanted to know if 20 amp relays would work? I know people on this board have HID’s. please help

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