HID vs retrofit (options purpose)

i have been thinking about retrofitting the ebay headlights but second thought if i do the retrofit i wont be able to see the reflection from traffic sign or bigger animals eyes in front of me i know the output are amazing but id like to keep my jdm one pieces and able to see lol and all i need is high and low hid kit

you will see better with retrofit 10000x better just HID alone.

Hid kits don’t even compare to the output of a good retrofit. You don’t have to worry about being able to see with a retro, although I would definitely recommend you use a bixenon projector not a single xenon one.

Bi xenon is a must since that will allow to have a hi beam. And you won’t have to worry about the traffic signs and animals if you do a retrofit. You will be able to see pretty much everything.

if i do retrofit am i able to see street signs? doesnt look like it on youtube because of the cutoff

Even with the cutoff on mine I’m still able to see the street signs reflect back at me. And if there is a sign you can’t see you will always be able to hit your hi beam with the bixenon and then see it clear as day lol.

aim the projectors a bit higher, especially if you ride is lowered.

Where can I find a good retrofit? What is the most popular projector to use?

Depends on if you want to do it the easy way or the hard way lol. I would check out hidplanet.com and theretrofitsource.com

i dont mind the hard way i want a good output id like to know something about fake lense or something. do i get mini stage 3 or bi xenon? or any other oem high and low beam projector from junkyard like off a acura tl or bmw more cheaper than kit?

If you get the Morimoto mini or TL projectors they are all bixenon. From my research I hear the TL is the best output wise. I got the Mini H1 complete kit: http://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=227

As you can see it’s not that bad of a price, but the output isn’t as good as an OEM set up. The Pro to this kit is minor modification and it’s practically plug n play. You can try to get a set of OEM projectors and do it yourself but I don’t know if you can do it for the same price or under that of this kit.

If youre not sure if it’s worth it… take a drive in a luxury car, or one that has a proper retrofit… You will, literally, see a world of difference. Totally worth it imo.

Exactly, I’ll admit that my retrofit isn’t the best out there, my output isn’t as good OEM cars. But it is a HUGE upgrade from the stock output that I had and I wouldn’t go back to using halogens, and I definitely wouldn’t put an ebay HID kit in either.

can any of u guys post pic of output on road and with the signs in pics if u can :pupeyes::bowdown:

I was on my way home and took these for you.

As you can see the sign is clearly illuminated and that is with low beam.

This is from farther away I zoomed in so you can see that it is illuminated, also with low beam.

Low beam

Hi beam

I’m also running the 4300k bulbs which according to TRS it gives you the best amount of light output bulb wise. http://www.theretrofitsource.com/trs_tech_hid_bulbs.php

My girl drives a 06 TL and the HID lights are awesome. Signs light up so bright. A good light output if you ask me.

ok thank you guys i ve decided ill do retrofit lol i was a bit worried but now im more confident into it.

does tl have high and low beams? what kind blub does it use?

am i able to run 55w for headlight and 35w for fog im gonna do dual projector retrofit in ebay headlight, bi xenon hi’lo beam projector with a yellow projector fog that would be 4 ballasts. lol

my gf starting to think im headlight geek now haha been talkin about it for few months or so

The TL projector is bi xenon so yes it does have Hi and Low beam. They use D2S bulbs I believe. Good luck :smiley:

The D2S bulb is really popular among many luxury cars… BMW, Lexus, Saab, Acura, Mercedes etc.

Great bulbs. Expensive, but good. The Phillips bulbs that come stock on my car go for about $90+ per bulb.