hide intercooler?

hey guys i am running a big intercooler and i just finished triming the front bumper. But now that i mounted the bumper back on, the intercooler sticks out about an inch and a half lower than the bottom of the front bumper. What do you guys think is the best way to hide the bottom part of it?

A lip. Or paint it black. Greddy did some testing a while back, & found out that painting an intercooler does not hinder performance, or raise temperatures.

BTW- why a big intercooler? Most applications are fine w/ a small intercooler. How many horses are you making?


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

i am pushing for about 450 street, and trying to see what i can get with race gas.

get a lip. On my civic i notched my front bumper support to fit&mount the intercooler (30x8x2) in a bit better. But if i take my front lip off you can still see the lower half of it.

use a blk intercooler

Spray black with radiator paint and get your favorite front lip :werd:

^^^ you got it

just make sure its radiator paint, not like outdoors plastic or what ever you have in the garage

I had the Greddy intercooler on my rRx and painted it with the black heat paint, and it looked stock, people would be like “wtf your car’s turbo?”

yea i say the same thing use a black intercooler

or u can go all gangster and remove the radiator, get a civic half size, remove the ac condensor, and get a custom intercooler made with a back door entrance and set it in the ac condensors place. but thats just what im doing. just another idea of mine to be thrown out there.

What kind of bumper do you have? 90-91 or 92-93?

i already have a civic half size, car has no ac/ and powersteering. Why would i get a new intercooler when i already have a new one sitting there.

What kind of bumper do you have? 90-91 or 92-93?

lol i have 2 92-93 bumpers and 90-91

Put on your 90-91 bumper with the oem optional lip and it will cover the bottom of the intercooler.