high compression with ls-vtec.... lots of questions

My friend is the process of gathering the parts he will need to put an ls-vtec in his crx. My main question is does anybody have the address to the site that gives the compression ratio for varios pistons in different blocks. I thought I had it bookmarked but can’t find it anywhere. Also, what do you guys think is the highest safe compression ratio to run on 92 octane gas? I know that Phil is running 12:1 in his car. Another question is what is the best way to get high compression? Suppose one piston gives you 12:1 in an ls block. Would that be better than using a lower compression piston plus either milling the head or using a thinner head gasket to get the same compression? Thanks for any answers that you guys can give me.


Here you go:


I know of street/race setups that have run up to as high as 12.9:1 C/R on 92 pump gas but it involves A WHOLE LOT OF TUNING and an extensive fuel management system. Personally, I would go no higher than 11.5:1 on pump gas. If you want high compression in your LS block non-vtec head, go with CTR pistons. It should put you in the low to mid 11s in C/R which is pretty safe for the street. Even though it’s done quite often, I would avoid milling the head as much as possible to increase compression. Do it with the correct domed pistons. You will be better in the long run.