high & low beams and fogs not working

OK, I’m pretty sure (like over 90% sure) my problem is my combination light switch but thought I’d ask a few questions first. I’ve looked over the wiring diagram. I know I have power on the white wire to the combination switch because all the dash lights and parking lights, etc all work. I also have high beams when I hold the combination switch all the way back in the “Flash to Pass” postion but they go off when released. When I turn on the combination switch the fog light button lights but when I push in on the fog light button the fog lights do not come on and the light to tell you their on doesn’t come on. I don’t think I’m getting any power out of the switch on the Red/Blue and the Red/Yellow wires. I’m in Canada but the car is US model. The US model has a spare set of contacts not used (used in Canada for daytime running light module). Has anybody out there taken apart the combination switch and can tell me if it’s possible to change the wiring so I can use the spare set of contacts instead of the bad contacts that I think I have. Also can these contacts be cleaned. New switch in Canada = $140 tax in. Wiring mod = $0.
Or I could wire my fog light relay coil before the fog light switch (Red/Yellow wire) to spare +12V at fuse box. Whatcha think.

&You are correct, the "Combination Light Switch is the problem, you will have to replace it,

I know of only one output not being used on the USDM G2, that the CDM G2 uses, red, turn off control to DRL module.

The fog lights do not work because your low beams are not working, power for fog light switch, [fog light relay control] is supplied by the left low beam fuse, get them to work and the fogs will work.

You can wire the fog light switches power input, [red/yellow] to the 2nd ign. or park light free pin on the under dash fuse box.

We replaced the “CLS” on a friends G2 last week, [no high beam] with one from a pick-your-part, $10 CDN
Just bring along a multimeter to test it.:think:94

Thanks for the reply. I don’t know what a “Pick Your Part” is but I’m pretty sure we don’t have one. I’ve called all the scrap yards around here and none have one. I have no local Acura Dealer but do have a Honda Dealer and they do have a listing for a Combination Switch part# 35255-SH3-A04 (www.acuraoemparts.com) @ $120+tax. I asked what else it fits and they said 88-91 Civic Hatchback. Scrap yards have none for that either. I’ll be taking a look at the switch and seeing if anything can be cleaned on Thursday (my day off). Perhaps a corroded connector and once it comes off/on a few times they’ll start working. Can the contacts be accessed to clean? My fogs are actually driving lights so if I can’t fix the switch I’ll add a wire to the 2nd ign. or park light free pin on the under dash fuse box. Are the free pins fused already or should I add an inline 10A fuse? Will a push on female automotive connector go on this free pin or does it need soldered?

All your help is appreciated!

The switch is a sealed unit, opening it up and cleaning the contacts would be difficult if even possible.

Yes you can use a “push on female automotive connector” or quick release connector will work.

Yes the free pins are fused, but with main fuses, install a 3A in-line fuse, 10A is not needed, it is only to power a small bulb and relay.

BTW, Pick-Your-Part is just a bone yard, [scrap yard] that you remove the parts yourself.:whisper:94


Thanks for all your help. I’ll try relanding the two connectors a few times and check for voltages with my meter. Last resort is I’ll rewire my fogs (driving lights) to a free pin. Another option could be to rewire the fog switch and the low beams so that the switch powers the low beams instead of the fogs.
My day off tomorrow so I’ll have a go at it then. Forecast is actually calling for 10-15cm of snow overnight if you can imagine, middle of May!

Snow, LOL that’s what you get for living on the east coast.:stare:94

We’ve got something you don’t have though.

Moosehead Beer!

That’s OK, we have Kokanee.:whisper:94

fogs all wired up now and working fine. took about 1/2 hour.

Did you wire them to the free pin?:corn: 94

Yep. I pulled out the fog switch from the dash, cut the power wire, taped up the possibly +12VDC live end, butt spliced a new wire to the cut wire on the fog switch and ran the new wire to a free pin and installed using an insulated female automotive connector. The fogs won’t come on unless the combination headlight switch is turned on to headlights. If my combination switch gets worse as in another set of contacts going bad I’ll just have to replace it. Thanks for all your help dude. If I was in BC I’d buy you a Kokanee for all your tips.