Higher Compression using head gasket

Hey is there a way to raise the compression by using a thicker head gasket? Its’ for a b17a1 engine with bolt-ons and stage 2 Toda cams. If so what would be the best head gasket to use and where to purchase it from… Thank you!

you actually want a thinner headgasket to raise compression. Thicker lowers the compression ratio. I would look at brands like Toda, Spoon, Cometic, mugen, and others, I dont really know who makes one for the b17. just look for a 2 layer because stock is 3. HTH!


ok thanks alot! Damn I luv this website.:rockon:

You can use a B16 head gasket, they are the same head.

For arguments sake and just cause this question has been on my mind.

Is it possible to find a thicker head gasket to actually lower the compression? and how much of a drop could you expect to see?

^^^^ yes they do offer thicker headgaskets, the most I have ever seen lower compression is .3 I dont know well the gasket would hold up to turbo abuse though, you would have to ask a turbo guy about that.

when you use a thicker headgasket other issues happen since it changes the deck hight so adj cam gears are needed.

U can order a custom one I think up to a 5 layer but not sure.

sorry to jack this thread, but does anyone know where to find these thicker head gaskets? I had to deck my block more than planned due to warpage and am a bit concerned how high my compression will be (B18A w/ P30’s).

cometic or Toda make thicker headgaskets for b16 abd b18c motors

cometic will make a custom one for u to what ever spec u want and for any motor

anyone know the theoretical limit for increasing thickness on a high comp NA motor? It seems to me that each layer would add more chance of blowing the gasket.

another threadjack. i have a ls. is there a thinner headgasket for it? thanks! and sorry for the tj.

I am using the Buddy Club 2 layer thin head gasket on by B16. I had the head resurfaced but not the deck of the engine block. Now my engine leaks oil from the head gasket. This gasket is supposed to up the compression by .3. Stock is about .096" thick where the Buddy Club is .047". I recommend using these gaskets only when the deck and head are resurfaced. At least thats my opinion.

I’m sure they make these gaskets for the LS. Search online and you’ll problem come across some brands that make them. Maybe even call some performance parts shops if any are near you.

Anyone know where to purchase a 2 layer head gasket for the b17a1 or the thickness i should be looking for on a two layer head gasket when i do purchase?

Like someone said before, the b16 gasket is the exact same since it’s the same head. A bunch of companies were mentioned that sell them.

Or, just use a new OEM gasket, drill the rivets out, and remove the middle layer.

Either way, it only gives you a couple tenths bump in compression and isn’t worth it IMO. You’ll still be running agressive cams with less compression than a B18C1. The right way to raise the compression is with pistons.

yeah i could’nt find p30 pistons so I am running the pr3’s instead. The pr3 pistons dome is not as high as the p30s which will not put the compression around 11:1. So i figure the head gasket and Pr3s would be decent. But i see what your saying i might just use 3 layer i am tired of seeing it sit, i want to put car together week as well.

ok cool so ill look for a .047 thick headgasket.