hit a decent bump, looses all its power

My car has been like this all summer and its pissing me off. I can’t figure it out? Ok here what happens.

Every time I hit a decent bump, my car looses all its power. ITs starts bucking and sputtering untill after about a min she will start to build her power back up as I give her more gas. She does this a fair bit. And kinda smells like gas a bit when the loss of power happens. Theres certain bumps in town that this happens everytime on.

This happen to anyone else before? Anyone know what it is??? Please let me know!


some fuel pipeline loose or somethng? or check your fuel filter? (since you said it smell fuel…) check also the fuel rail…

try also start your car, open the hood, use your body weight on the front frame (front of radiator), pushs down a few time, while car is running, see if you can spot where the problem is. (try to simulate the bump effect)

How many miles/kilometers are you getting per tank?

I’m getting good gas milage. Between 450-500 kM per tank.

Maybe fuel filter eh? Can’t hurt to change that anyways. Would a dealer filter be any better than a parts store filter?

Also anyone else with any comments please relpy. Thanks!


dealer filter is 46$ tax included, made in Japan.
Canadian Tires sales it for 32$ made in china, and doesn’t come with washer. I’d get the dealer one, i prefer made in Japan. =p