HKS Hi-Power (90-91)

Car - 1991 LS

Ratings (out of 10)
Installation - 10
Hardware Included - 10
Instructions - 6
Fit - 9
Quality out of box - 10

The installation itself was easy, it took me maybe 30 minutes to get it all bolted up and ready to drive (not including jacking the car up and taking off the stock exhaust). The kit comes with all the necessary hardware, and includes instructions. The instructions were OK, I did not like the lack of diagrams or pictures.

The exhaust hangs from the stock rubber hangers, and the hangers line up perfectly with the exhaust. The exhaust comes in three different parts and they are very easy to bolt up yourself.

Fitting was unnecessary on my car, the exhaust fit perfectly.

The exhaust is quiet. On startup you can hear it, puhploommmmmmmmm. Sort of purrs at idle, and then once you start moving it gets loud. The tone is VERY deep, you can feel it in your chest and your ears. The volume peaks at around 3000RPM and then drops off after that. Full throttle I could hear my engine and barely the exhaust.

On the highway it is very droney, so I wouldn’t recommend taking very long trips (sort of made me sick!). There is no high pitch to it that I noticed, although I never ran it up to anywhere over 5,000RPM.

The clearance from the ground at the muffler at stock height was 5 1/2 inches.

I did not notice a difference in performance, but if you were to put it on a dyno I bet you would get some higher numbers.

This is how it came:

Two resonators!


The exhaust follows pretty much exactly like the stock exhaust:

I give the HKS Hi-Power a 9/10.

WARNING: IT IS EXTREMELY HARD TO GET THE NUTS OFF OF THE STUDS ON YOUR CAT IF YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED THEM IN A WHILE. THEY RUST OVER AND YOU CANNOT REMOVE THEM EASILY. (: I recommend taking it to a shop and letting them do it, unless you have access to a welder and a grinder.

This might be a stupid question…but would that exhaust fit on a 92-93? my friend has a HKS Hi-Power on his '03 WRX…and it sounds NICE. i know a boxer engine and a B18 sound totally different, but HKS is a good name, so i trust it. Also, how much was the entire cat-back (shipping & handling, everything)?

Mine was 550$ including shipping Edit: oops can’t say the place I got it from

The 92-93 Hi-Power is like 30 dollars more expensive, but yes they make one for 92-93s.

i have the hks on my car, and i really like it been using it for the season, and its held up just fine…486 shipped from a vendor on

I have a 93 teg and have been running the hi-power for over a year now. I love the way it sounds, not raspy like other cheap exhaust. However i did occasionally have a problem with the exhaust hitting the right rear a-arm. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesnt. Maybe i can fix it pretty easy. I havent really looked at it yet. I rate it a 8/10.

HKS hipower for the 92-93 needs the extention piece from the 90-91 model of the hipower

its not all stainless steel is it??

i love the look of the HKS but i was too poor afford 500+ for an exhaust

looks nice though, im curious to know how loud it is at 8000rpm…

Where can i find one for a 92? I looked on that link, but they didn’t have it. I’ve looked on ebay, but they dont have it, and they HKS web site wants $670. Im sorry, but and exhaust just aint work 700 buxs. If anyone knows of a place where i can get it for cheap, holla., i payed 560 i think for mines couple months back

Wouldnt be able to tell you cause stock LS computers only go to 6700.

I had this exhaust for nearly 2 years. It looked unique, and sounded fairly good (got quite a bit louder over time). HOWEVER, for $500+ you expect something that is more than painted mild steel, which is EXACTLY what the HKS is. I had a big problem with scrapes on the secondary resonator rusting, forcing me to do quarterly refinishes with Duplicolor engine flat black. Kansas whether is a bit harsh, and if you’re in a permanent summer climate, then it will be fine.

The RS*R ExMag is built much better (409 stainless), sounds a lot quieter, draws less attention, is cheaper and coincidently is the exhaust that is now on my car…

i have the rust problem around my hangers and it does scrape , i will have to do coat the pipes in something


The RSR is pretty hard to find since RSR is usually always on back order. I do agree about the subtlness though. Really quite and nicer.

Does anyone know if the HKS HiPer comes with the silencer???

how big is the pipeing? I have the dc 4-1 itr header that is 2.5. I also have a high reving engine how does it sound at the top end?

the piping is just about 2.3". I put mine on just about a week ago, it was just until today, for some reason it got hella load now, it actaully sounds like a fart can :worry: but the performance gain it gave me was good.

hey guys, i just got a used hks hi power for free bc my friend got a new exhaust and she gave it to me, it looks exactly like that, i havent installed it yet bc i have to patch it up and stuff a little bit, but my question is, on the exhaust itself, does it say hks hi power on it at all? just wanting to makesure it really is an hks hi power

my exhaust seems much queiter than urs sounds.

i have a 92 and stock header and cat and it is not much louder than stock until i stomp on it.

I love it, i can tell a little difference

Yup, thats the problem with the HKS and the RSR. Thats why I went with the Tanabe, no rusting.

i have this on my gsr with a test pipe and type r headers, it sounds really good, mine isnt loud as everyone else is saying, i drove 5 hrs on the highway going about 80 and sounded about stock. to me it seems to quiet alittle at top end 6k and above. sounds awesome at 8200