hks hi power

im looking into getting hks hi power, i wanna know if it goes over the sway bar, pretty much does it follow the stock exhaust path need to know

yes, it follows the stock exhaust path.

thanks man, ive heard that they got bad ground claerance near the muffler, cuz of the angle, is there any truth to this?

i had it on my da and it never really hit, and my car is pretty slammed, then i got sick of the rice cannon and got rsr

how did it sound like , also show us some pic of how it looks like that would be great .

they arent loud until you step on them. Ive ridden in 2 da’s with them. One b16 DA, it wasnt that loud until you hit vtec then it got pretty loud. The other was a built all motor LS. It had airmass headers and high flow cat and was probably one of the best ive ever heard.

i love the Hi-power. It does have a big fart pipe on the end of it, but the angle is sweet. Dont go be some GAY-DM fags. Do what you want.

HKS Hi-Power owns all!!! :rockon: i wish they made one in 3" cuz i would buy that when i go back to turbo!! I don want to have to sell mine but it will be inevitable. :sad:

if it is inevitable that you sell yours, i might be interested in buying it when the time comes… sorry to thread jack

me 2

Yea I really enjoy my hi power I’ve never had any trouble with it being in the way of the sway bar, angle is perfect. Got a freakin ticket from it about a week ago, and I wasn’t even steppin on it too much though, but yea it gives me a nice sound from 2k-3k rpms

wut size piping does the hks have?

hks piping size

The piping size is 55mm which is about 2.165 inches. Just letting you know :smiley:

Sucks teeth* I like the looks of it to but word on the street is the hks isn’t full stainless and only the tip section is. I haven’t seen one in person before but I have seen pics online and it didn’t look like it to me…

There is a small niche of followers on this site that have the Tanabe hyper medalion, including myself.

Full stainless
Good ground clearance
Not to mention prices that don’t make u feel like ur anus is gettin lubed up.

If you want pics jus lemme kno

post some pic up for us that would be great .

I have the hi-power on my B16A DA, its really quiet until you step on it (like they said). Cruising around 80MPH on the highway and you don’t hear a thing! But, when you step on it, and hit the VTEC changeover it gets loud, not ricey loud tho. You’ll love it trust me!

does it follow the stock exhaust path right, meaning it goes over lca’s? if it does go over lca’s im buying this week, i love the way they look, plus im lowered like 3in so it would be a bitch if it goes under lca’s

hey lilrickps2 lets see some pics

Our internet is down for now. Here are some older shots.

When I first got it:

And recently: its dirty, not tarnished

Omg that hurt to see the NTZ banged up like that. Mine looked like that twice in 1 year.