Holy shit!

This is so darn random!

Over the past few days we have been getting nothing but rain, and just today we had a perfectly clear day with lots and lots of sun.

I know I had those small peddle chips on my hood, most of them were filling in with paint to protect it somehow. Also, I get to school around 8am and leave 5pm (today at least).

As I left the car in the parking lot, I specifically looked at it from the front, admired my awesome small little vehicle and went on to make my epic way to the undergraduate building (epic -> crutches).

I come back and holy SHIT, there is an area, on my hood freaking one fourth of a square foot where the clear coat is fucking SEPARATING. This is the most random and irritating issue I have had so far. My car looks like shit, out of nowhere. I am pissed. What the fuck is this?

Basically there is a small hole closer to the windshield and around it, mostly progressive towards the front of the car is a large roundish area where the paint has become ‘milky’. The clear coat is separating and in between is air, removing gloss and making that whole section appear whiteish. Looks ugly as ****, and I couldn’t take it so I just rubbed it with my thumb, the clear coat started flying right off, leaving me with the color coat and it stands out and doesn’t match the rest of the car.

I have NEVER seen this anywhere else, not on any cars. Is my hood repainted? Can I do anything about this?

Sorry no pictures, lost the cable and the printer won’t read the card. I’ll try my best to get at least something posted to show what I am talking about.

I am worried and pissed at the same time.

EDIT: Can’t find any visuals, this guy is having the same problem: http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/interior-and-exterior/68256-clear-coat-peeling-flaking-off/ I keep seeing recurring issues like this, but not a single picture. Happening to old Lexi, Corollas, VW. Some people mention it is the UV rays.

The basic suggestion is that I should just spray it with clear coat. Won’t it look fucking ugly though? Especially the part where the new clear coat would meet the old one? This totally sucks.

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