homemade titanium dead pedal

just a little somethin i whipped up today, had some titanium stock laying around. first time working with the plate, .060" thick, not too bad to cut, but still a little PIA. playing around with heat treating it too, to get the burn. may make another one, drill holes in it, and/or polish it also.

image uploader still will not work…


what do you think?

Don’t use the image uploader…

Upload it to a host (photobucket, imageshack, whatever) and paste the URL between [ IMG] [ /img] tags without the spaces…and do it what way:

Looks cool though. Adds a bit of a custom touch to the interior.

ah ha. i see. let me give this another go…

i figured it was kinda neet, i may make some more ti parts, maybe the block off plate below my radio. see pic below, this is my good buddy noah warming her up for me…

got it!!! thanks brotha!!! appreciate it! ill get some pics up of my new seats tonight for you guys to check out.

Are you on PC or phone?

On PC, right-click the photo and click View Image… That URL will end in “.jpg”. Use THAT URL.

If on a smart-phone, Long-Press on the image, and click View Image… that URL will end in “.jpg”, use that URL.


PC. i have done this before, but using the image loader on the site. where do i right click it from? my desktop? there is no “view image” option when i click it from photobucket…


Ok ok ok…

Go back to your first post, and click the link you posted…

Once the page loads, on the right-side of the screen it says Image Links, click that tab.

It will pull up all the links for that photo… the IMG code will contain all that you need, Copy/Paste that and you’re golden.

Glad it worked out fella :wink:

RHD? MoAr picturez!!

haha, yep, RHD. been a looong story, and a long time. here’s one with the old seats:

and another, from the back:

the new seats were ordered yesterday, FIA buckets. coming from europe, wont be here for a while, but thats ok. it’s winter. :frowning:

the new seats:

also since the older seat pics, refinished the camlock buckles in a darker grey, and new anodized bolts throughout. cuz i’m a dork like that.

if i can get it into my buddy’s shop this winter, it’s getting wrapped in matte white. and i’ll be doing a custom carbon hood, nothing more on that until it’s done. i guarantee no one’s seen one like it.

im digging ur windshield seal…jk jk

ya like that? haha :wink:

and, heres a simple block off plate:

still messing with the burning, it’s tough to get it right…i’ll try a polished part next.