Honda badge part number

Does anyone know or know where i can get the parts numbers for the front and rear “H” badges and rear “HONDA” badge?? Its 3 seperate part numbers, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

the H logo - if it’s the same as whats stamped on the back of my logo’s here - is 75700-sr3

Here’s a site with a catalog similar to

Honda parts

why not go get all that stuff from salvage yard?? mine were free and im sure if you order them from someplace they will charge you for the emblems AND for shipping.

the ‘honda’ on a 2g accord matches the integra on your car. i think i got one of my h’s from a 2g accord (of the trunk of course) and the other from a 4g civic sedan cant remember if it was trunk or hood and im sure they werent the same).

i dont remember which H i put on the front and which i put on the back BUT it does make a difference. when i tested placement on it i realized that one would cover the holes on the hood but not the hatch and the other would cover the hatch but not the hood.

now that mine are attacked you cant see the holes from the A’s that where on it and by covering the holes it helped get them evenly spaced on all sides.

Wow man thanks for the info, I was just curious cuz I employee discounts at Honda, I heard other emblems would fit but I wasnt sure, I’ll be sure to look into it

I have H’s from accords, civics, preludes and a few others along the way - my hood is a 90 hood so there weren’t pins in it - the A’s weren’t there for 90 and I think 91… most of those stick on A circle things get thrown on from who knows where… I just double-sided taped mine on and they’ve stayed so far…

The rear of my hatch was shaved when I got the car (poorly at that) so I’m not sure which H logos and stuff fit directly. I know that the third gen “Acura” and “Integra” don’t fit in the stock holes… (too small)

Ya, what years exactly are the accords and civics, I have a 91 so the holes are there, i got the part number for the emblems but honda doesnt carry them. another sucky thing is there are no good salvage yards in my area I have to drive to tampa or the other coast or bradenton, someone maybe have the right emblems for front and rear from accord or civic already and want to sell them to me for a good price?? would be sweet

the pins on the H’s i used did not fit the holes on my integra, i had to use adhesive to attach them.

i dont think any H’s in america will fit the holes cause the pins on the H’s are generally on the outside and the pins on the A’s are on the inside but i havent inspected each and every honda model to know for sure. like i said, if you position the H’s and the honda emblem correctly to cover the holes it spaces it out perfectly. those guys with the 91 tegs are just SOL, they have to eyeball it.

i dont know the exact year of the civic or accord, just the gen.

Ya i know u used adhesive but i wanna use the holes, although adhesive would be more secure


ive had them on there for a little over a month, and i wash my car every two or three days and havent had any issues. i used 3m tape on the honda and 3m emblem adhesive on the H’s

I got the part number but honda doesnt have that in the US

I actually just got a bunch of these in stock. I also have the Black out rear H emblem also in stock.

Let me know if you need any?

how much shipped to 01810?
for the front and rear?

[QUOTE=K0rean4life;1927176]I actually just got a bunch of these in stock. I also have the Black out rear H emblem also in stock.

Let me know if you need any?[/QUOTE]

Ya how much for the set??