honda badges on da9

what are the sizes of the honda badges and the word honda badge for da9. I got the honda word badge from an ef but im not sure if its the one that goes on a da. Thanks.

Um i beleive the answer to that would be ACURA.

I just used the badge off an older 89/90 civic and they look good. Ill post a pic,hold on ok.

yeah they look pretty good. i got my badges off an ef too. and the word “honda” came off an ef too. I want the one with the black background honda emblem. any idea where u can get them?

Well,if you’re talking about the badge that says “HONDA” with the black background,my badge has it,but are you talking about the one that has the background all the way around the letters?
I would look at the old ass hondas cars or you might find it on an old honda motorcycle?? IDK where else you would find them to tell you the truth.