Honda challenge suspension

Snapped this picture while the DA was parked. Never seen this swaybar before. Its cool he is running run of the mill koni yellows, though.

Koni’s yellows are amazing shocks, typically you have to get into high end coilovers for them to actually be better than OTS Konis. Plus the customer support and the possibility for upgrades and rebuilding in the future make them a wise purchase compared to many other coilover setups.

Plus, from that pic there’s no way to tell which Konis those are. Not sure of the exact rules, nor which class that guy is in… but there’s a good chance they are the “RACE” version of the Koni Yellows (SPSS3 valving + shorter body, different droop travel…). TONS of guys love these shocks, especially since they are pretty darn affordable, not much else can compare for the price (based on the research I did about a year or two ago, things may have changed).

I’ve never seen that bar either. There’s always a chance it’s homemade.

That is a great way to mount the swaybar endlinks. I might have to steal that idea.

looks sort of like the asr 32mm sway bar but it has its differences.