hood doesnt line up

ok im am getting really aggrivated because my hood is not line up properly…last year my hood came up on my and crack my windshield so i thought maybe the hinges are messed up and thats y my hood doesnt line up good…so i pulled the hood off the hinges and locked it down and still theres a gap between the headlights and the hood…then i went out and just bought a stock hood and figures still doesnt line up …so i take a closer look and see that the frame is pushed up a little on the bottom off the car(in pic 1)… so i unbolt the piece that connects to the frame that the latch is on a(in pic 2 )and move it down slightly and bolted it back then i put my latch and the way down , my hood is almost there but there is still a little gap were the hood meets the headlighst can one help me out ? could it be that the frame that the headlights connect to (in pic 3 )is pushed up in the middle

There are 2 screws on the lock loosen them up you can adjust the lock to go up and down I even think it has arrows to center it, if that does help try putting a couple of washers in between the screws to push the lock alittle forward, your radiator support is aliitle bang up mines is alot worse and those are the things I did to get mine to close anyway good luck.

i wish i could show you a pic of mine. it hang 3/4 of an inch to the right looking at it and also hange off the front a little less than an inch. i bought it after it was in an accident and had it pulled but had an accident where i slid into the ditch and now it wont line up at all. I even took it back to the frame place and all the numbers matched up on the top raditor support bar so they can tfigure it out. so if you figure it out then pm me and let me know what you did to fix the problem

its weird cuz my cars never been in an accident and its been sitting for a while .the hood lined up perfect 6 months ago and now it doesnt i think its from wen i had it at my buddy house he must of jacked up the front of the car and prolly pushed up the radiator support just a little so now it dont line up at the headlights…