Hood drilling question.

i need to drill 2 holes in my hood, what a safe wat of do it so i do not messing up the paint and the hood in anyway. Do i drill form the bottom of the hood or the top? and should i put like some duck tape on it and drill threw it?

Good luck.What I have done in the past when drilling into the body is :

-drill from the top
-center punch the two areas where you want to drill,this will prevent the drillbit from wandering when you start
-I have never tried the tape idea,I suppose it would help if the drillbit starts to wander,but the center punch should take care of that.
-and as always measure twice and drill once,the last thing you want is to make a mistake

Also it may help to drill a pilot hole and then get progressively bigger with the bit until the hole is the proper size, and drill carefully with sharp bits.

i was going to use a carbide drill bit, but the piolet hole sounds like a great idea, but now if it would only stop raining so i can drill

tape over the area where your going to drill the holes then center punch it, drill a pilot hole then use a couple of bigger bits till you get the size you need. (the tape helps not to chip the paint on the outside of the holes.) another thing you might try is to put a piece of tape around the bit, so you know how far deep to drill. i saw a guy trying to install some hood-pins and drilled into the harness for the headlights… points and lol