Hopefully gettin a b20!!

WOOOOHOOO!! :stuck_out_tongue:
But ok… Im gonna hopefully be gettin a b20… Whats the diff. if any between the b20z/b?? JDM/USDM? :confused:
Also… Later down the road (like till i can afford it) im planning on turboing it… sooo im gonna try to get the mojority of the bottom end work done so i dont have to worry about it later… what all should i look into other than balancing the crank?? Like piston wise, rods. bolts that kinda stuff?? I’ll deal with the head later or if I have enough cash flow… but any input would be greatful!! TIA


Maybe want to shot peen the rods or get aftermarket rods/pistons.

The difference between the Z and b is that the Z has a 9.6:1 compression ratio and the B has a 8.8 or 8.6:1 compression ration. That helped with the hp output numbers between the two.

I just got myself a jdm b20b (which is a b20z in the USDM market) and am looking at putting the JE 10.5:1 pistons with my stock shotpeened rods and a balanced b20 crank. I won’t be turboin’ r any other type of FI so thats why the CR is going up. I don’t wanna spend the extra 500-600 on the pistons/rings, but then again when the motor goes in, its never coming back out.

You should also invest in getting all new ARP bolts for some added security and putting in all new bearing for some more reliability and security.

Ok… so what compression should i aim for if later in the future i want a turbo??

Or should i just build the motor with a higher CR and when i can afford a turbo replace what is necessary??

Am i gonna have to take the motor out to put a turbo on or is it straight bolt on??

Any input is greatful!!

If you are going turbo forget the B20 and use the cash to sleeve and bore your B18.

I’m not too educated in the turbo’ing department, but I know you don’t really want to raise compression at all since your pressure is quite high already from the turbo forcing air into the combustion chambers. Maybe get some JE or Probe pistons to take the abuse of the FI and crower or eagle rods. I would balance the crank for sure and get the ARP bolts.

Well I would want to build my b18 but im trying to rid of downtime by just gettin the b20 ready to drop in… enlighten (sp?) me on why my motor is better for turbo if you would…

I really want to b20… If i bore and sleeve my b18 does that bump up the torque?

sorry to ask all these questions, just excited and wanna get the ball rolling…

TIA to all!!

I would still use the b20 over a b18. I think amerikan said that because it is cheaper.

But I would use the b20 because the block is a better design over the b18. Plus its stock so you don’t have to worry about other dumb problems that might come about if you bore the engine. (not saying that there will but is easier IMO to use the OEM stuff, thats why I’m not boring out my b18)

But go ahead and use the 84mm b20b. It will give you torque and great output numbers. If you decide to turbo crvtec, now I will give you much props for that, and you will/must have deep pockets!!

Have fun man, email me if u have more question....rcnacura@aol.com