Horn And Horn Relay

where is the horn and how do i get to it… also where is the horn relay in my 1990 integ gs… because i want to hook one of those hella air horns … help out thanks

the horn is just inside the front bumper. take off the bumper, it’ll be on the passenger side, that little disc. Only 1 bolt holds it in so it won’t be too hard to get off. While you’re down there, take off your intake resonator if you haven’t all ready :). It’s that big black ugly lookin thing on the side behind the horn, only 3 bolts hold that in. Take that off and you got a nice growl at WOT.

do i really need to take the whole bumper off… cant i just reach on the passenger side fender well…if i take of the tire… also wheres the relay??? btw does it really make a nicer noise to it… if you take that resonator off?thats the same one that you see by the hood latch rite?/

i guess you don’t need to take the bumper off, but it would probably be easier. takin off the bumper is really easy.

takin off the resonator does not make a ricey noise, it’s a nice growl. It’s that black box right in front of the wheel well on the passenger side, before you get to the horn. it’s sort of connected to the airbox. I don’t know exactly where the horn relay is, never tried to find it.


On the 90 Teg, there are actually 2 horns,one on the right,one one the left. You can access them by prying off the 2 black plastic grills on the lower part of the bumper.


Ive been pondering this problem for some time now. I dont have the shop manual for the 90 Teg, but i do have it for the 87. This manual does not show any relay for the horns. I believe the horns are running power at all times directly from the fusebox. Pressing the horn button creates the ground causing the horns to sound off. I believe that over time,and exposure to elements causes the horns to short themselves out making them go off with the slightest change in temperature or movement. Im going to be changing both horns soon so ill keep yall posted