Horn Goes off mysteriously tonight.

Hey Guys, I just finished washing my car about an hour ago preparing for import face off and went inside and ate dinner and we were finishing dinner when all of a sudden my car horn started going off, So my dad and I ran out there thinking someone was trying to break in my car and found nothing. We looked under the hood and my dad noticed there was a little bit of moisture on my radiator. Im wondering, Could it be the horn relay or a bad fuse or something? If so, Would anybody happen to know where the relay or fuse for the horn is located? Could it of just shorted out from being moist? Or when my brother and his friend did my HID’s could they of knocked something out of place? My battery has to be hooked up and it immediately starts going off, My car DOES NOT have to be on for the horn to blair.

Thanks for your time!

found this: horn

Thanks we were able to figure out what to do and are going to fix it tomorrow morning before we leave for import face off.

Please let use know what the problem was and how you went about fixing it, it will help when someone else has the problem and search for a possible solution. 94

My dad and I believe that one of the little horn activation boxes went bad. We are going to test them out this week. We have to remove the front bumper and install a new horn. I cant even have my battery hooked up in my car right now. If my battery is hooked up, the horn sounds off continuously even if the ignition and car itself arent started up.

Its possible water got in the horn and its grounding out on you,might want to check.

That’s what we were thinking it was because I washed it yesterday because i wanted to take it to import face off. But its still doing it once the battery terminal is hooked on. Would replacing the horn assembly or whatever its considered be the better way to go? Or just temporarily unhooking it for now? My dad pulled a fuse yesterday and got it to stop but we quickly relaized that the fuse was for my horn as well as my tail lights. So he pulled it and the horn stopped, but I also had no tail lights. So we put the fuse back in.

Just disconnect where the wires go into the horn behind the bumper for now. I’d check for continuity at the horn button. If has none without pushing the button its ok. If it has continuity without pressing the button that’s the problem.
If the horn button is ok, suspect the horn relay test it for continuity. Only one set of two terminals should have continuity.

Okay, Thank you for the information. I’ll let you know how it all goes when we pull of the bumper and unplug the horn this week.

Don’t need to pull the bumper. Just disconnect the cover under it and reach up and pull the connector off.

Im not exactly a car expertese. So my dad has to help me and no offense to my dad, but he’s a huge guy and cant get his big ass hand down where it needs to go…

Before you pull the front clip, [bumper] pull the horn relay, if horn stops the problem is not at the horns, it is the relay or relay control. [horn button or lead from horn button to relay], all testing can be done at the horn relay, [under dash fuse box upper right side] 94

Thank you for the info. I had a friend come out and help me and we pulled the bumper off and just unhooked my horns for now.

You should still pull the horn relay, just in case it is staying on,it will be adrain on the batt. 94

Okay, Thank you for that bit of info, wasnt aware of that. I’ll be sure to pull the relay, Thanks again.