Horrible gas mileage and other things.

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Problem #1
Well recently I’ve noticed that my car is chugging gas like a v8.
I use this car for my daily mon-friday commute from school, to work, & back home. ( I am at approximately a 5 mile radius of these three things and i drive the car like an old women seeing as it is not insured.) Keep in mind I drive after rush hour so it doesn’t take me very long to get from one place to another… 10 min to school, 5 min to work ,and 5 min home. So my running millage toward a full tank of gas is 175-180 miles … which i believe is horribly wrong. Even though, I do use the A/C (Florida) but it doesn’t take me very long to get places.

Problem #2
The car does need a clutch, but I’m having an issue where from a stop as I start to roll the car randomly dips from 1.5k rpm’s to about .75 (as if it where to stall, but it doesn’t it just sits, I literally have to punch the gas in order to get the car going but there is a 2-4 second delay where it just hangs as my foot is practically flooring the accelerator. Then you get a fierce jolt as the rpm’s fly up and from then on it continues on fine through the rest of the gears. ( this happens randomly not all the time. ) Some people say its too much fuel compared to the correct ratio, others say its the tranny/clutch. I really don’t know that’s why im asking the guru’s for some insight.

BTW the car is a Stock LS 91 TEG …only mods to this motor is a short ram intake (if thats even considered a mod) … and its has an exhaust leak… If that makes a difference… And no check engine lights

have you done a tune up first off? fuel filter, plugs wires cap etc?

and is your clutch low off the ground or does it pick up off high off the ground (clutch pedal).

Instead of just guessing at your mpg (xxx miles per tank, etc), get the actual mpg by following this procedure:
fill to brim, take odometer reading, drive, fill to brim again.
Divide miles driven by # of gallons purchase=your actual mileage.
Then you will know what type of mpg you’re actually dealing with.

well my last two gas receipts are 10 gal of gas and i drove it the first time around and its was 175 miles 17.5 mpg … the latest is another 10 gal fill up and I’m at 125 miles with a 1/4 tank left.( according to needle) i run regular

okay, it does sound like you’re getting pretty bad mpg. You said your car is stock with no modifications. But let me ask you this. Is this one of those cars that has had a bunch of owners before you? The type of owners that would drive the snot out of it and maybe randomly remove stuff like vacuum hoses or other stuff to try to “clean up” the engine bay? Has it had an engine swap ever? It could be that previous owners have messed with shit on the car and maybe something like that is causing your bad mpg. Or maybe the engine just has been beaten to hell and has really low compression on all the cylinders. There are a lot of things that could contribute to low mpg.

more than likely the previous owner history probably has something to do with it. the motor is original, has never been swapped. i was planning on just rebuilding it… but i don’t know if its worth it or just to get a different motor… maybe an upgrade… cause with the new “k”'s running around town like hotcakes the B series have fallen somewhat in price… but then again i can just be buying someone else ragged out motor… =\ … how much would a rebuild run approximately? any idea?

here’s my question:
What octane rating do you usually put in your car?

you can get a rebuild, if done yourself, for 1k, 3k if you pay someone to do it all. sounds like a vac. leak

[QUOTE=MoRBiDThOuGhTs;2036206]here’s my question:
What octane rating do you usually put in your car?[/QUOTE]

87 regular pump gas as always … unless there making it burn faster =(

just wandering do you know the last time the 02 sensor was changed sometimes this can cause weird things to happen and greeatly decrease gas milage just my two sense:auto:

Ive had the car almost 3 years and i have never replaced the o2’s… would have to look into, but i dont have any check engine lights even though they says its more difficult for the check engine light to trip on the older model cars … thanks all for feedback

damn that was my first guess.
And hondattic could be right about o2 sensors.

i just figure because on other posts and experience sometimes the o2 can be bad but the check engine light doesn’t come on just an idea look for carbon build up

this may sound funny and may be completely off, but my 91 integgra would get 360-365 miles per tank using the same calculation factor i was getting 35-36 miles a gallon. then i let the car sit for a while(1 year) and when i started driving it again i was lucky(very lucky) to get 250 miles on a fill up, and i couldn’t figure out what had changed so much that i couldnt get the mileage i used to. then i heard the thermostat can really screw with gas mileage if its old or just not working correctly, even without the car overheating. so i changed my radiator and thermostat(get the correct rated thermo, they’ll try to sell you one 20 degrees different than what the car calls for which is 192) and ran injector cleaner in the fuel(which prob didn’t make a huge diff). but nonetheless i’ve now got my car back to around 320-340 miles per fill up and this is city mileage. i got the 365 per fill up on state highways (50mph)

damn i wish i got that much im lucky to get 200miles per tank its an automatic:auto:

I think im going to start by the o2 censors, its seems like the most valid reason for the horrible gas mileage(since the car was sitting for awhile before i started using it for work/school…) as well ill be doing my new clutch and camber kit… will keep you informed on the out comes.