how can i remove a stripped screw??

ok i need help im tryin to take off my '90 bumper to swap on a '92 bumper (both are the front’s) i got all the screws off except 2 of the and now there stripped (i even used wd-40 first) anyone got any idea’s on how to get the last to screws out???

Use vise grips. I had the same problem when I replaced my bumper covers when the car was painted.

You can also get a drill / lock combo thing at Sears for like 20 bux. What is does is allows you to drill out a small hole into the head of the dead screw and they you use the other side and it will cut into the hole you just made and lock its self in. At that point you flip the drill in rev. and you can back the screw out. I’m at school right now but I should be able to get you the correct name for it when I get home. Only down side about this is the screw is dead and you need to replace it, other then that its all good.

PS- You can also remove the screw it just takes some work and some WD-40.

thanks guys i got it out :clap:

if the screw isnt totally stripped you can use ajax and a little bit of water mix it together and put it on the tip of your screw driver and then stick it in the screw gives it a little more grab thats a little trick we used in the military because in the marines we were ghetto and we couldnt order the parts from sears haha