How can i smoke my headlights?

Anyone know?

Spray tint in a can. You can get it from Michaels or any hobby/paint store.

curious…why the sh*t would you wana do that?
guess if you’re not driving at night thats cool…

u spray the inside or out?

To be honest with you man without flamming its illegal in almost every state to tint your headlights. Your best bet is to pickup a set of ebay black housing headlights if u want the "blacked out look. You could also look into plastic covers made by gts but as ive herd they fit like crap and you cant have them on at night due to the fact they kill SOOOOoOO much light output.

i don’t think i would ever do it i was just wondering how to if i ever did want to

You spray the outside… much easier and less work…

And it’s the transparent tint you want. Eventhough it’s transparent… you will lose some of the lighting… just a warning.

Most just leave their front headlight untint and tint their back lights. Like others have said… if you want the blacked out headlight look… you need to paint the inside housing (NOT lens) of the headlights… hope this helps.

th3res two ways to tint your headlights

  1. Tint Spray (not recommended)
  2. Tint film sold at stores online such as ebay and in car magazines (some r custom fit) others you cut out n apply
    ive seen on alot of audis, mercedes, n bmws…as well as chargers doesnt look all that bad plus most of them use xenon lights so they dnt care :slight_smile: LOOK AT LINK BELOW



Those headlights in your link aren’t smoked. That’s a GTS headlight cover, which don’t really fit that well from what I"ve seen and plus I do beleive their illegal to have on your car if it’s on the road (especially if driving at night)

you can mix a little bit of color with clear coat and spray very light coats until u get the color you want then just spray staight clear over that i did my vw for fun if u would like to see a picture ill put one up. O and you can still see at night just as good.