How do hang exhaust lower?

Right now there is about a 3mm gap between my tip and my bumper…and it rubs like hell. Is there anyway I can bend the hangars or something to hang the exhaust lower?


You could probably get away with it, but a word of caution –
I had my exhaust fixed at a small shop a couple years ago. I forget what was wrong with it… Anyways, a few months later, the back of the mid-section broke right off and started dragging on the ground.

When I took it to a muffler shop to get fixed, they said the reason was that the last time it was off, it wasn’t re-installed properly, and the mid-section was hanging down about an inch more than it was supposed to, putting just enough pressure on it to cause it to break apart.

Of course if you have a half-decent exhaust system, it probably won’t be rusted like mine was :slight_smile: