how do i convert the obd1 engine to obd0

so i have a 1991 integra i bloew the motor so i bought a 92 engine not knowing it obd1 how do i convert the obd1 engine to obd0 without jumper harnesses

just use your old distributor, engine harness and ecm. everything else should be the same. oh, except you need to extend the fan switch wires on ypur harness to reach the thermostat housing, where the obd1 switchis located. your old one resides on the back of the block

ok i swapped my intakes i cnt find the thermo plugs and ill just hook my fan to a toggle what about plugs on back of block

On your 91 the ECT switch is on the back of the block. On the 92 the ECT switch is on the thermostat housing. The switches look completely different, and wiring connectors are completely different so that’s probably why you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. The toggle switch idea, while it will work, is a PITA and not worth the time to rig up considering how easy it is to just do it right.

oh ok than you now i understand thank you yeah i was confused but bad thing is that switch on my thermo housing is broke where can i get one CHEAP

go to a pick n pull. or check on fleabay