how do i get my blower motor to blow more air??

anyone? the blower seems to be running fine but it doesn’t look like air is making it to the top of the window sometimes. maybe I should replace the electronics on it to try and get it running as close to original as possible to see if it can be improved on??

Do you have all 4 speeds?

If so, the problem may be the mode control motor, it is what directs the air flow to the defrost/vents/floor.

If all 4 speeds work and air flow is directed properly but the air flow is low it may be the blower motor.

It is easy enough to check, at the blower motor is a 2pin plug with a blue/white and a blue/black lead.

Turn ign. on and set blower speed to 4, [full speed] now, without unplugging the plug, supply the blue/black lead with a ground from any chassis ground point, is speed does not increase, supply the blue/white lead with 12V+, directly from batt. is best.

Let me know what happens. 94