How do I know if I have OBD-0 or OBD-1?

Ok guys hopefully someone can give me some help on this. I am swapping a B18A1 in my Accord. How do I know if the B18A1 i got is the OBD-0 or OBD-1? AND…how do I tell if my ecu is OBD-0 or OBD-1?? When I got my engine it had 95 Integra written on it. Which is wrong obviously, but I need to know which OBD it is as well as my ECU. please help

to tell whether you have an obd0 or obd1 engine just check the plug connectors on the distributor and injector wiring. If they are grey they are obd1, if they are white/cream they are obd0.

as for the ecu. Just look at where the wiring harness plugs in. The connections on obd0 and obd1 ecu’s look very different. go here: for pics of the differences.

hope that helps.