how do i know if im getting a b16a1 or a2

im thinkin bout buyin the b16a2, fast one, on the badge will it say b16a2?

Most likely it’ll say B16A2 on the block…just like any other B-series motors. I do have to ask you though, why a B16A2? It costs just as much as a B17A or a B18C1 or at least close to it. I recommend sticking with the B16A1 if you’re thinking of a B16 swap…the money you save you can throw down on some good bolt-on parts. Unless of course, you’re getting a bad-A$$ deal on the B16A2.



first off, there is no such thing as a “b16a1” you won’t find that stamped on the block.

there are only 4 different things you will see stamped on a 1.6l dohc b series engine, and they are: “b16a” “b16a2” “b16a3” or “b16b”

now, there are two different versions of the “b16a”

  1. 89-91 jdm b16a
    -10.2:1 compression
    -non obd
    -comes with cable tranny

  2. 92+ jdm b16a
    -10.4:1 comression
    -comes with hydro tranny

now the b16a2:
-this is a usdm engine, i believe its out of the del sol
-10.2:1 compression
-hydro tranny

now the b16a3:
-this is also a usdm engine, i believe its out of the new Si
-10.2:1 compression
-hydro tranny

Buying a b16a2 is basically a waste of your money. For easily $1000 less you can just pick up an 89-91 jdm b16a. Same hp, same basic specs, and the best part is that it already comes with the cable tranny that you need. The only thing you may have to deal with is the ecu, distributor and injectors (they will need to be changed if you have a 92-93).

Now, i have a hunch that when you say “b16a2” you actually are referring to the 92+ jdm Civic SiR2 b16a. This is the one that has 170hp, and on the block you will find stamped: “b16a” NOT “b16a2”

Again this engine is quite expensive. I don’t see the 10hp being worth the extra $1000. Especially when I assume you plan on adding higher compression pistons anyway (the higher compression is where the extra 10hp comes from).

You could buy the 89-91 b16a, then spend the extra $1000+ on new pistons, and a block teardown and you will end up with more than the 170hp for the same price. And again you won’t have to deal with selling the tranny, and finding a vtec cable tranny.

Now, if you want to tell an 89-91 b16a from a 92+ b16a… I’d look at the plugs on the dist and injectors. If you find grey plugs then it should be a 92+ one, if they are cream plugs then it would be an 89-91. Of course these parts could have been switched.

good luck.

TenzoTeg: You’re unhappy with the LS setup? what’s going on???

b16a 1600 shipped

Here are the differences external/internal

nice site lyonel!!! I bookmarked it, so hopefully now when this question comes up again i can just direct people to your site instead of writing a novel like i did for this one!