How do I remove crank pulley and timing belt cover?

I am trying to replace my head gasket and am to the point where I need to get the dust cover for the timing belt off. I have taken three of the four bolts off but can’t get the bolt behind the crank pulley off. Do I have to take the crank pulley off to get the dust cover off? It looks Like I do but I do not have a chiltons and don’t know how to go about removing the pulley. I have searched and not found any “how to” replace timing belts. Help! I only have two days before I have to get this car running again.

If i were you i would seek some help with this project, i am not trying to be negative but this question that you ask sort of hints at your skill level, and judging from that i am not sure you want to tackle a head gasket.

that being said, you gotta start somewhere! As far as the crank pulley and timing cover go… Yes you will need to remove the crank pulley to get the cover off. Once you loosen the 19mm crank pulley bolt the pulley will come off. When taking the pulley off be weary of the tiny key way that likes to fall off and disappear!

i can email you some PDF files that will help you with this project if you like.

If you wiggle around, you can get the back timing belt cover off (you have 3; top outside, bottom outside, and top inside that goes against the block). So you need to remove the top outside, and the top inside which will take some maneuvering. This will allow you to remove the head. You do not have to remove the bottom outside cover to take the head off.

Thanks for the advice guys. I would like to see the PDF files, you can email them to me at

What do you suggest I use to remove the crank pulley? I have heard you can buy a pulley locking tool or use a 3/4 drive impact wrench.


Impact gun is probly the easiest method

other wise put the engine in gear and use a breaker bar. remerber that spraying it with something everyday for a week beffore you do this will help imensly

P.B. blast spray, and a 1/2inch impact would work great!
if you have a good compressor and impact that is.

you do know to loosen the head bolts in a sequence right?

Go rent yourself a crank pulley tool. bolt comes off like butter.

i just did this a few minutes ago!!

i used this method. its not the easiest but it worked
home made pulley removal bolt

i used a floor jack to hold the wrench from turning and then a 1/2" socket with breaker bar. i also tried using impact gun but no good. also sprayed that bolt over night.

im getting my gasket set tomorrow and the hardest part is over :slight_smile:

Good luck

IF your crank pulley is giving you trouble, i would invest on a 3/4" breaker bar a 19mm(3/4") socket, and an extremely large pipe wrench, get the pipe wrench holding the outside of pulley and make it get stuck somewhere and use that breaker bar, use your foot to loosen the bolt, and grab on to a part of your car while using your whole weight.

theres other ways to remove a pulley, but the last couple of times i tried to remove a pulley, i used an impact gun and no luck every single time.

good luck