how do i remove dash/interior???

started painting my interior, but i can’t figure out where all the screws are to take off my door panels…and i’m not sure how to take off my dash as well as the most of the interior…can anyone help me out with this one?

for the doors:
here are the screw locations:
-behind the door handle (inside handle)
-in the small finger cup at the bottom
-on the rear side of the door panel that fits in the jamb
-right behind the bottom part of the rubbery handle thing (the thing you can grab onto, its right near the power window switches) --you have to remove that little cap, the screw is under there
-at the top of the same handle as above, there is a hole on the underside, there is a screw in there
-when you open the door look at the part by which the defrost vent is located… there is a small black plastic screw here

those are all the screws, other than that there are plastic fasteners that will just pop out.

for the dash, basically just start pulling stuff out and you’ll figure it out. You have to remove just about everything to get the dash physically out of the car (lower knee panels, gauge cluster, shifter console, glove box, defroster vents on each side, the clock… pretty much everything. Once all that is loose you will have to unhook all the wires. The wiring goes in and out of the dash in different places, and this keeps the dash from being removed… so you have to pull all the wiring.

How to remove the dash can’t really be explained step by step because there are too many steps. But overall its easy, just time consuming.